Sound Huntress 1 Sound Market

Chapter 1
Jan 1, 2050

Dear Diary,
I woke up from a bad dream as usual, people were talking inside the dream.
What I could remember was myself eating a chunk of chicken with some metal sticks in it but I didn't notice until I felt them in my mouth. I had to put some water in my mouth to get them float upwards so I could spit them out.

I walked to this sound market today checking out some new sounds. They are all in bottles jumping up and down as little birds in cages. As soon as you uncork them, they fly out in the air and you can hear the sound.
However, you can only use them once unless you recharge them in the shop.

"Kids crying sound for 7$, Extremely Loud, Fast Tempo" I read, as I waved to Johnson, he seems to be making pretty well, all his customers are middle aged soccer moms. Eddie is interesting, he not only sell them the sounds for use, he offers make-up for these moms. Last time I saw Judy, my Text mining teacher, she had her eyebrows covered in a silver glow that resembles the galaxy. "Amazing Johnny did it" -Said on her Graphene Chat Pad. . I wrote on her Pad:" I knew it :) and attached a huge smile sticker next to it." Diary, I hate that we have to communicate in those icy cold techy Pads now, I always wonder why we can not talk and make sound as the ancient human beings did.

What I bought today was a bottle of Flowing Sand Sound from this middle eastern vendor Ali. Ali's shop is one of my favourites. It looks like the Crystal Mosque in Malaysia, shining especially in the night. I go there not only for sounds but for inspiration. He likes to show me those quotes from Quran and he's actually got a whole collection of Quran reading sounds, I don't know where he digged those, maybe from something they called CD albums? As I got home, I couldn't wait to open my Sound Bottle. I pressed it close to my ear, pressed the "Unleash!" tab on the remote control screen that floats in the air as I uncorked the bottle.


Anonymous said...

The title is very intriguing. The last section in particular reminds me a bit of the Soundkeeper from The Phantom Tollbooth. (If you haven't read it, you should—it's a kid's book, so it's a fast go.)

As an aside, I will say I found the font hard to read, and would request a more boring one. Then again, I can always read your posts in my news reader.

me said...

Thanks Jordy,
I changed the font :)
And the book you mentioned sounds fun, I'll go find it. Thanks for your feedback :)

Patwiti said...

Interesting concept....can't wait to read more!

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